Can Indian Govt Get Swiss bank accont holders names?!

My Thought:

Just 3 months back:

Yes, Its really a question of pride for India. Being a second largest populated country in world, I’m expecting Indian govt to pressurize swiss govt in UNO or anywhere else. But it should secure data anyhow. If not now, its never. So, Govt should extend proper measures in order to fetch it. Hope it’ll do.. :)

A representation of the Lion Capital of Ashoka...

BUT NOW,,,!!!

Julian Assange , Can you help us?

I’m now no more left with much hope on my govt of getting all Indian black money. You are the only remaining hope of mine. I read a interview where you said, “The purpose of WikiLeaks is to promote justice by opening governments and powerful corporations.”   Can you please release all account holders name and can you start a new revolution in India?!

Hey, Don’t be silent. We want answer from you. We need you..! :(


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