A day at Savandurga

Yesterday, i had been to Savandurga. It’s one of the very nice to place to visit or trek with your friends. For those who aren’t that aware of this hill, here is a brief information about it.

What is Savandurga?

It is a hill in Ramanagara District and the best place to trek. This is also the biggest monolith in Asia.

How far is it from the city?

It is about 50 km from Bangalore.

How to go there?

There are 2 ways to go. One route is via Magadi Road and Other is by going Ramanagara (which is in the B’lore-Mysore National Highway) and then Ramanagara-Magadi Road. Roadway is good except for the last 4 kms to Savandurga in both ways.

By bus:

Take tickets to Magadi and then hire an auto rickshaw. Bus services are very frequent.

What are the things one has to carry?!

  • pair of good shoes.
  • better if you wear cooling glasses.
  • water bottles.
  • And most important, take some good friends with you! 😛 coz, they are the one who really make your day. 🙂

You’ll enjoy your day the most, for sure, just like how I enjoyed mine. 🙂 Take time to visit it once, in your busy life.. 😉

Here by, I would like to thank all my buddies who made my day a memorable one.


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