Namma Metro,We are Ready, Steady to Go…!! But where are you?


Namma Metro

Countdown for Bangaloreans Most awaited Namma metro has already begun. But still it has lots of Ambiguity about the releasing date Namma Metro’s launch first was scheduled for March 2010 and then it was extended to December 2010. Now again BMRCL didn’t keep its promise of releasing for this Ugadi..

Construction of the Bangalore metro

Will it come to track at least before this June..? Nothing can be said… 😦


Iskcon , Is It A Upcoming Mall in Bangalore..?!!

ISKCON Temple, Bangalore

Recently, I visited iskcon temple, Bangalore for the first time. I was expecting it to be much similar to that of other temples which I’ve seen in my past years.

But for my surprise, it was completely different from all that. In fact, I dint feel like I’m in a temple at all. I felt more like, I’m in a mall than in a temple. Inside of it one can find all types of food items (Not for Non-Vegetarian 😛 ) ,Many fancy items and all… 😀 😀

Architecture Of Building is very good.  So, Considering all these, I can say, Yes, It is a nice place to hang out with your friends. (I don’t recommend this for only visiting temple.. 😛 )So if you are planning to visit it once, Good, Have a nice time..! 🙂

Special Note : After visiting, Your wallet wont feel happy as that of You. Ready for a Big Hole in your pocket…!! But Be care full…! 😀 😛