BDC @ RVCE saw “A Grand Success”..:)

Blood donation drive

Blood Donation Camp held at RVCE saw “A Grand Success”..:) According to primary reports, More than 900 units of blood has been collected.. 🙂

Got a chance to volunteer the pro gramme and to mingle with seniors… 😀 Entire day i was volunteering, i didn’t even attend a single class… 😛 😛

After the prog,  a Treat for volunteers was arranged in near Mc.Donald’s by Rotract seniors… In that, A few funny incidents and ragging were also happened 🙂 😀 Guys, Truly speaking, Totally it was a very Nice Day…:)


Paper Drive:)

Yesterday we had an event from the Rotract club of our college called “Paper drive”. This was a fund raiser program for the project called “Pragati” which is intended to provide necessary facilities for the students of school who are not privileged by it..
We boarded the bus at 9.30 in the morning. We were divided into few batches. In that our batch was allotted Banashankari area. Then again we were further divided into small groups of 4 and 5. Then we went to all the near homes. Then we went for few apartments also.
Reading these blah-blah you might be thinking this as a boring one. But in reality i enjoyed a lot there. Our immediate seniors were friendly with us.
More than what we thought… And the most and crucial one in this was convincing the people,why we are there. And why we are collecting the old news papers. Morning seniors did the job and we were following them. Then when turn came to me, i realized how difficult it is to convince…!! Few were not even having the patience to listen what we were telling while other few are too kind that they themselves ready to contribute even in the form of cash!! One elder person was ready give us 100 Rs!! But we gently ignored that as our aim was to collect old news papers not any other donations.
There were also few those who even do not opened the door and few other who asked us to come and even sit inside the home.
Ya.. Its of no doubt.. The world is full of diversities..:) But the satisfactory thing is many in bangalore are still having the good heart.
As a proof of this, For our noble aim, Banglorians joined there hands.. As a result the entire collection of the day found to be 38220 Rs..!!!:)
Thank You Bengaluru..:):-)