Last 10 Mins Before Tests or Exams…!

College Life

This is the Exams season for all under metric and Pre-University students.. No…  It’s not at all related about what one may be thinking by looking at the name of the post…!! That is, it has nothing to do with the preparations stuff or something like that…

This article is all about how the things go in Rv just before, 10 minutes  for  a test or a sem-end exam…!! In corners of corridor few Nerds will seal themselves with great books…. where as Many of us will be Chatting and Studying simultaneously keeping the dilemma about what to read…!! and we keep on cursing the college for keeping this much tight schedule of one after one quiz- tests and quizzes… All of us will be having confidence of completing the things which we couldn’t study in entire semester or holidays within just 10 mins before exam…!

Away For Exams - Self Portrait

We’ll be more interested in knowing the syllabus ( By asking it here and there) than reading it… 😛  We’ll be much more interested in seeing what others are studying than what we have to…! 😛 😀 And we give more importance to read the questions which other guys predict…

And other Few Funny stuffs are,

** Day scholars coming early to college and class than campus hostelites!!

** Running to Co-ops in final moments before exam to buy Blue-book…

**Most of the invigilators come exactly on time and give q paper nearly 5 mins late than scheduled. And asks us to return on time! But Most of us will be busy in scribbling mean while invigilators fight to collect the blue-book from us…!!


BDC @ RVCE saw “A Grand Success”..:)

Blood donation drive

Blood Donation Camp held at RVCE saw “A Grand Success”..:) According to primary reports, More than 900 units of blood has been collected.. 🙂

Got a chance to volunteer the pro gramme and to mingle with seniors… 😀 Entire day i was volunteering, i didn’t even attend a single class… 😛 😛

After the prog,  a Treat for volunteers was arranged in near Mc.Donald’s by Rotract seniors… In that, A few funny incidents and ragging were also happened 🙂 😀 Guys, Truly speaking, Totally it was a very Nice Day…:)

A Nice week end :)

Yep… My Last week end days were really a memorable ones..

Saturday, We had Chess selection for VTU intercollegiate chess tournament… God’s Grace, i made into RV team… 🙂

After Chess selections, went to PESIT‘s Annual techno-cultural fest Aatmatrisha… We went just to have some glimpse of it and more or less, to have so much of fun…. 🙂 We had a nice time there in watching many DJ programs, Cultural Dances and also few fashion shows.. 🙂 And finished our dinner outside itself with so much joy and laughter… 😀


Sunday attended DreamSpark Yatra-2011 Bengaluru which was full of energetic ideas… Our minds were installed with many softwares by great speakers on Microsoft Latest products and technology… 🙂 🙂

Thanks to DreamSpark Yatra for conducting such an informative event… 🙂

First Time I Walked Out Of a Class…!!!

Hmm, Today is a special day of my first year engineering…!! Nearly 15 days got over in this second semester.

We aptly call our RV College Of Engineering as RV Center of Exams!! 🙂 :), and  You may be knowing this ,if else take as an additional info…. 🙂

Now Our first internals are going on… Today we had our 2nd quiz… Quiz somehow went.. i neither say it good nor bad.. a quite average. After that in the morning session, we had 4 more classes. All were boring.

The twist in the story which made the day special, was when the 5th session started. I was so tired and more over that i wasn’t interested in sitting in the class as that was of  “THE Adinath Jain”…! ( Director Of the Story.. 😀 )

( For all those who are not familiar of this lecturer : He is the worst possible lecture one may get for electrical subject in RVCE…):):)

He started dictating problems in his own inimitable style..! That made us and other few guys to start laughing. I was sitting in the corner , next to wall, of 2nd bench..!!  For my luck, his eyes started to stare at me.. Laughter was so immense that though i was knowing,then also i wasn’t be able to control myself from the springs of laugh.. 😛  Then “the formal” procedure of scolding begun. He made me to stand and asked me to come near to him.. I was hoping that my so-called friends, wont let the space to come out to ..!! But they didn’t do like that. I went near to him. He asked me show my electrical notes. In fact my all rough notebook” is much better than that. I gave it to him.He then asked me to go out of the class…!

I didn’t respond. He again asked me to go. This time adding another sentence…! “I’ll give you the attendance…!!”

What else more one can expect from his class##!!

I couldn’t reject his temptations…!! Extended my hands for bag. Raised it to my shoulders and walked out of the class… 🙂 😀 😛

Paper Drive:)

Yesterday we had an event from the Rotract club of our college called “Paper drive”. This was a fund raiser program for the project called “Pragati” which is intended to provide necessary facilities for the students of school who are not privileged by it..
We boarded the bus at 9.30 in the morning. We were divided into few batches. In that our batch was allotted Banashankari area. Then again we were further divided into small groups of 4 and 5. Then we went to all the near homes. Then we went for few apartments also.
Reading these blah-blah you might be thinking this as a boring one. But in reality i enjoyed a lot there. Our immediate seniors were friendly with us.
More than what we thought… And the most and crucial one in this was convincing the people,why we are there. And why we are collecting the old news papers. Morning seniors did the job and we were following them. Then when turn came to me, i realized how difficult it is to convince…!! Few were not even having the patience to listen what we were telling while other few are too kind that they themselves ready to contribute even in the form of cash!! One elder person was ready give us 100 Rs!! But we gently ignored that as our aim was to collect old news papers not any other donations.
There were also few those who even do not opened the door and few other who asked us to come and even sit inside the home.
Ya.. Its of no doubt.. The world is full of diversities..:) But the satisfactory thing is many in bangalore are still having the good heart.
As a proof of this, For our noble aim, Banglorians joined there hands.. As a result the entire collection of the day found to be 38220 Rs..!!!:)
Thank You Bengaluru..:):-)


As I’m a student of RV College Of Engineering,I wanna share some of the experience Of me…

Being a student Of One Of the Best Engineering College in the India and the Best in Karnataka, Im proudly tell you all that, it deserve it… It is a Hut For the innovators..:-)

As i know, It is a completely ragging free campus and also hostel but some times few seniors may wish you to answer few questions about yourselves… sometimes mild ragging may occur but it is manageable…

Faculties, Since it is a reputed college, Faculties are Good.. Most are very co-operative except few new inexperienced lecturers. They all cover most of the syllabus topics..:-)

RVCE has the name of producing innovative ideas.. It makes the difference between RVCE and other colleges of Bangalore.. Few Recent Popular ones areVYOMAASHWASTUDSAT (Few months back ISRO launched this Satellite. It is the lightest satellite launched by ISRO. And the most interesting thing is the entire satellite is made by the students itself of various colleges including RVCE.)