Last 10 Mins Before Tests or Exams…!

College Life

This is the Exams season for all under metric and Pre-University students.. No…  It’s not at all related about what one may be thinking by looking at the name of the post…!! That is, it has nothing to do with the preparations stuff or something like that…

This article is all about how the things go in Rv just before, 10 minutes  for  a test or a sem-end exam…!! In corners of corridor few Nerds will seal themselves with great books…. where as Many of us will be Chatting and Studying simultaneously keeping the dilemma about what to read…!! and we keep on cursing the college for keeping this much tight schedule of one after one quiz- tests and quizzes… All of us will be having confidence of completing the things which we couldn’t study in entire semester or holidays within just 10 mins before exam…!

Away For Exams - Self Portrait

We’ll be more interested in knowing the syllabus ( By asking it here and there) than reading it… 😛  We’ll be much more interested in seeing what others are studying than what we have to…! 😛 😀 And we give more importance to read the questions which other guys predict…

And other Few Funny stuffs are,

** Day scholars coming early to college and class than campus hostelites!!

** Running to Co-ops in final moments before exam to buy Blue-book…

**Most of the invigilators come exactly on time and give q paper nearly 5 mins late than scheduled. And asks us to return on time! But Most of us will be busy in scribbling mean while invigilators fight to collect the blue-book from us…!!