First Time I Walked Out Of a Class…!!!

Hmm, Today is a special day of my first year engineering…!! Nearly 15 days got over in this second semester.

We aptly call our RV College Of Engineering as RV Center of Exams!! 🙂 :), and  You may be knowing this ,if else take as an additional info…. 🙂

Now Our first internals are going on… Today we had our 2nd quiz… Quiz somehow went.. i neither say it good nor bad.. a quite average. After that in the morning session, we had 4 more classes. All were boring.

The twist in the story which made the day special, was when the 5th session started. I was so tired and more over that i wasn’t interested in sitting in the class as that was of  “THE Adinath Jain”…! ( Director Of the Story.. 😀 )

( For all those who are not familiar of this lecturer : He is the worst possible lecture one may get for electrical subject in RVCE…):):)

He started dictating problems in his own inimitable style..! That made us and other few guys to start laughing. I was sitting in the corner , next to wall, of 2nd bench..!!  For my luck, his eyes started to stare at me.. Laughter was so immense that though i was knowing,then also i wasn’t be able to control myself from the springs of laugh.. 😛  Then “the formal” procedure of scolding begun. He made me to stand and asked me to come near to him.. I was hoping that my so-called friends, wont let the space to come out to ..!! But they didn’t do like that. I went near to him. He asked me show my electrical notes. In fact my all rough notebook” is much better than that. I gave it to him.He then asked me to go out of the class…!

I didn’t respond. He again asked me to go. This time adding another sentence…! “I’ll give you the attendance…!!”

What else more one can expect from his class##!!

I couldn’t reject his temptations…!! Extended my hands for bag. Raised it to my shoulders and walked out of the class… 🙂 😀 😛