Trekking TO Shivagange…:-)

Its too good:):) Yes i am talking about the trekking which i went yesterday…
Let me introduce you to the place first.


It is situated in tumkur-bangalore road..
From Bangalore it is about 60kms away on the heavy traffic Tumkur- Bangalore Road, and from Tumkur town 8kms down… We were 7 and we went through train in the morning… Train left the bangalore around 8am. And we reached dobbspet (the nearest town to shivagange) railway station, around 9.10 and then from auto we went to the shivagange. its nearly 8 kms from the station.. We carried the necessary food and water bottles along with us. For me it was first time visiting that place. I had only a brief info about that place. Auto driver while going told about the history of that place.

This is a hill which looks like the shape of the Shiva Linga from one of its sides. There are spring water spots found on this hill, it is believed that the water is “Gange” sacred river for Hindus. Hence the name “Shivagange”. Tumkur district this hill is ideal location for a one day trek. Also it is a holy place which is known as “Dakshina Kashi”. There on the hills were several temples – Gangadhareshwara temple, Olakal Teertha, Nandi Statue, Patalagange.
Gangadhareshwara Temple

As we went up the hill, we first saw the Gangadhareshwara, ancient temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has a low roof and alight only with diyas. Pujas and abhisheka are performed there. It is believed that the Abhisheka in ghee turns into butter. So we made an abhisheka pooja for the god. In front of our eyes the ghee which we bought there for pooja converted to butter. There is a tunnel in the Garba Griha (inner sanctum) which is believed to be connecting to the Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple at Bangalore. Nobody has tried to enter the tunnel as it is closed from both the entrances for safety reasons.
There is also a Big empty space infont of the Garba Griha. And it is believed that it was a treasury and the treasury was belonging to Kempegowda,the ruler who developed the bangalore.
There are many sculptures and carving on the walls and the pillars. But most of them have succumbed to weather and negligence of the subsequent rulers.. Some have lost their heritage look after being painted.
Then near to it there is a small pond. I don’t know the name of it.
It is said that the water level in that pond increases in the summer and decreases in the rainy season and through out the year water ll be there in that pond.. There is also a big Veera Bhadra statue near by it.

There are stairs to climb the hill. As we went on a weekend it was little more crowded than usual. I think more than 500 people daily visit there.

We climbed for few minutes and then we opened our bundles of food which we took along with us. We spent few time there. Then again we started to climb.

Olakala Teertha

Further up on the hillock we came across the spring water, Olakala Teertha. One has to step down the narrow stairs between the rocks to find the spring. It is said that one who is pious and good can touch or feel the water. Luckily we all could touch the water!!!

Nandi Statue:

At the top of the hill is the Nandi Statue, is a monolith placed on a huge rock .The view around the area atop the hill is mesmerizing. This is the peak of Shiva Gange.

It was awesome. We enjoyed there a lot. Suddenly Rain started pattering. We had to go down as quickly as possible. So we started descending the mountain. We were knowing a place near to it where we could eat our lunch. We spent nearly one hour there. We ate the chapatis which we brought. Along with lays kurkure and other crunchy items..:)

Then slowly with not willing mood we restarted our descending. And reached the base point about 4.30… Since the next train was at 6, we came back by bus.. And thus our journey to Shiva Gange came to an end with a great satisfaction on every one’s face..:):)