RIP My Mobile… :(

Life, Happiness , smile and what not? All changes within a fraction of time. Smile disappears, indeed flow of thoughts and ideas also changes… 🙂

Yesterday i lost my mobile. Actually, it got stolen. A dramatic incident happened.

Yesterday evening, as planned earlier, i met with some of my good old friends  in Bmsce, chatted for more than 3 hours inside the campus and in Dominos… 🙂 Then we visited Big Bull Temple

Bull Temple

and Big Ganesha Temple which were near to college, where a kannada film, “Matte Banni Preetisona“, shooting was going on. Sanjana (Heroine Of Mailaari Movie!!) is the heroine of that movie. We had a very nice time.

Then I returned back to mejastic.  Time was around 9 when i reached paltform. There was a bmtc which was filled but it wasn’t over crowded. It had enough space to stand but not any vacant seats. I stepped into it.  Few Mins later a marcopolo came to stand. Knowing this bus would leave early, i moved into that bus. Or Maybe my bad luck pulled me there..!!

I was the first one to be seated in that bus. I choosed a seat near to the door first. Don’t know ehy, i changed my ind and rechoosed to the last but one left window seat.

Within five mins, bus started. I was too concious about my purse. Frequently i was making sure about its presence.

Though it was a saturday, traffic wasn’t less. Traffic was moving in a slow pace.  Sirsi Circle passed. I took a look of Gopalan mall from right panel window of bus. Slowly i changed my view to my left. I saw a young guy running parallel to bu just next to me.

At that moment I thought he may be running to catch the bus. I changed my view to inside the bus. Suddenly, He inserted his hand inside the window. I wasn’t getting whats going on with me…

He pushed my hand (especially main finger of my left hand) and i was experiencing some force fetching my mobile away from me which was in my hands.

That moment i undersatood, He is stealing mobile from me. I shouted for help. And tried hard to my best not to leave the phone. But he was pushing all his force on my main finger. It started terribly paining and i lost my grip and hence the mobile.

He started running towards other side & crossed the road. (All these happened in matter of seconds). Crew in the bus too couldn’t do anything. Shout went in vain. As Time was around 9.30pm i even scared to chase him. (Who knows, what weapons he may have..!) It took nearly 10 mins to relax and to realize that it wasn’t any day dream. I couldn’t believe at that moment.

Now i’m not having any hope of regaining the same back. But to lock my old number and to get a duplicate sim , i need a acknowledgment by cop. Today afternoon have to go to Byataranapura Police station. I’m visiting station First ever in my life.

Day by day, a New-new experience. Whatever happens,happens for good. Hoping the same.

You Take Care and be more careful. Now stealing mobile is a new trend in B’lore…