A Nice week end :)

Yep… My Last week end days were really a memorable ones..

Saturday, We had Chess selection for VTU intercollegiate chess tournament… God’s Grace, i made into RV team… 🙂

After Chess selections, went to PESIT‘s Annual techno-cultural fest Aatmatrisha… We went just to have some glimpse of it and more or less, to have so much of fun…. 🙂 We had a nice time there in watching many DJ programs, Cultural Dances and also few fashion shows.. 🙂 And finished our dinner outside itself with so much joy and laughter… 😀


Sunday attended DreamSpark Yatra-2011 Bengaluru which was full of energetic ideas… Our minds were installed with many softwares by great speakers on Microsoft Latest products and technology… 🙂 🙂

Thanks to DreamSpark Yatra for conducting such an informative event… 🙂